Birthday Party at a Water Park

Awhile back we decided to check out a waterpark not too far from us that we never even knew about. It’s not real big and we were nervous that her age and friends might not find it fun enough. Thankfully we were wrong. We stayed several hours past when we intended and they didn’t even want to leave at closing. So this place is definitely fun for a wide range of ages.

I refrained from showing many of the fun images to respect the privacy of the kids from our party in them. And for the sake of the perves just wanting to see young girls in swimsuits. But I’m happy to show you enough so you get a good idea of what this place was like. I didn’t bring my big camera this time due to how humid it is. My little camera had to be good enough.

This is all indoors, so it can be used all year long which was nice for a winter birthday party.
Bday Party 1

They have 4 water slides total. The straight purple one and the curvy green one you see here. These you go down on your butt, no tube needed. Look to the left out the window. Up higher than these 2 slides, there are the 2 big ones, that you enter inside up the stairs. They curl and twist outside and come back in to spit you out at the end (around the corner from these 2 slides).
Bday Party 2

The lazy river winds around the center of the whole thing and under the walking bridge.
Bday Party 3

Here is the section for the real young kids. I did notice the life guards shooed away older kids from this area pretty good. Not older kids who were with or helping the young ones but the older ones running and messing around over there. Which is good to keep it safer for the littles.
Bday Party 4

They went down the slides a million times !!
Bday Party 5

This is where you come out of the 2 big ones that went outside. You can go down on a single tube by yourself.
Bday Party 6

Or 2 kids can go on a double seated tube and start at the same time up top and race down ! This was a big hit since there were 4 of them.

Bday Party 7

This was at the little kid section later at night when almost no one was there. The life guard let them in for a minute.
Bday Party 8

When it’s busy the lazy river could get quite congested. After 6:00 pm on a Sunday night when we were there, people really cleared out. The girls had the place to themselves almost for the last 2 hours. They LOVED it. No waiting in any slide line at all. They just went over and over again.
Bday Party 9

When the slumber party girls leave…. we sleep.
Spencer Sleeping

Some tips to share:

  • If you are a spectator, dress light ! It’s humid in there if you aren’t in the water.
  • If you are a spectator, you are allowed to walk around but it’s recommended you have water shoes or flip flops and not walk around in street shoes. (People did anyway, but they have signs not to).
  • They don’t sell much for snacks but they have Subway and Pizza. Pizza place was a bit pricey, Subway seemed reasonable. We noticed as they ran out of food, it was not replenished. If it’s out, it’s out. Or at least that was the case in the last half of the day.
  • They do sell beer ! I didn’t buy any so I’m not sure what kind or the price range.
  • There are plenty of tables but can fill up fast in the middle of the day at it’s busiest. Most of the tables are along the outer edge but there are plenty of tables and chairs inside and around the water toys and lazy river.
  • Some reviews we read before going said the locker rooms and place was kind of dirty and trash everywhere. We did not find that to be the case at all ! The water area was very clean. The locker rooms were clean. Yes you get people that leave garbage around but a cleaning lady came through very frequently. The locker room is small, so can be tight if it’s a packed day.
  • They have lockers but you need to bring your own lock or risk your belongings. You can leave stuff at your table if you have people sitting at your table. You don’t want to hog a table just to leave your stuff. You need to bring your own towel or you buy theirs.
  • They have a gift shop, that we did NOT bring our birthday party girls too. Avoided it all together. But passing by, it looked decent.
  • Our kids definitely got their moneys worth for as long as we stayed.
  • There are no actual swimming pools here.
  • The only complaint I have is the floor of all the water areas are really rough. All the girls from the party had cuts and scrapes on their feet and toes. I understand being gritty and non-slip, but these were a bit too rough. Of course they didn’t mind until the ride home, then you heard how bad it was. But while we were there it didn’t appear to bother them too bad.

If you are local to me, shoot me a message and I’ll give you the info on this place if you are interested.

Have a great day !


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