Birthday Cupcakes

For Ashlyn’s birthday awhile back, she requested cupcakes for the party and a cake for her day of cake. We just kind of forgot to post them for you all. She chose the cupcake flavors and frosting colors. She even swirled the frosting herself. We saw an easier way to mix the frosting to keep the colors separate and not blend together (as much).

Instead of just adding two colors to the piping bag and hoping they stay separate. You put each color in it’s own baggy or saran wrap, then snip the tip and add those to the piping bag ! It was a genius idea and I apologize I didn’t get a picture for you. Here is what she ended up with.
Birthday Cupcakes

Chocolate, vanilla and marble.
Bday Cupcakes (1)

Getting to work on figuring out which tip worked best. If you look closely at the piping bag she’s holding, you can see the ziplock part of the baggy. The red was in a baggy and the orange was in a baggy. Then added both baggies to the piping bag.
Bday Cupcakes (2)

Here are some close ups because why not ! She did a great job. They did taste good too I might add. Which was good because we didn’t have a back up plan.
Bday Cupcakes (4)

The only real problem wasn’t really a problem but the frosting could have been a little thicker. It was a touch on the soft side. Not bad it just didn’t hold the shape like it should have. But none of the 12 year olds at the party noticed, haha. (The party was well before the coronavirus pandemic).
Bday Cupcakes (5)

These ended up so bright !!!
Bday Cupcakes (6)

You have to squirt the frosting a few times on a paper plate or something to get the colors going. Ashlyn forgot and the pink, purple and green ran together and this might be my favorite one.
Bday Cupcakes (7)

And the birthday cake for the day of her birthday. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting…. the girl likes chocolate.
Bday Cupcakes (8)


I know there’s been a lot of baking in quarantine.

What have you been baking? In quarantine or birthdays?

Have your kids learned to be great bakers in the last few months? (Ashlyn has done more now than ever).



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