Bird Bath & Turtle Freshen Up

I finally completed a project off my To Do List after about 4 years. Not bad !! Well, it’s pretty much almost complete. We gave our bird bath and turtle a little freshening up with some new paint. I love the turtle and the bird bath turned out good enough.
Bird Bath & Turtle Freshen Up

They were both chipped pretty bad. I love the two toned color that they were originally painted. We finished scraping off what paint was willing to come off. Sanded it a bit and then painted.
Bird Bath & Turtle (2)

I ended up choosing a paint that looks like a stone finish. I tried really, really hard to find the same colors that it was before but no luck. The closest I could find was this gray.
Bird Bath & Turtle (3)

I really still liked the two toned paint colors in the birds and flowers, so I left them for now. I’m going to continue to keep my eye out for a closer color match, then just touch those chips up later.
Bird Bath & Turtle (4)

I do like how it turned out. We had one oops though, and it was a big one. The paint was an indoor paint ! And it rained the night we painted them. So we had to touch them up pretty good, and then add a clear coat to seal it.
Bird Bath & Turtle (5)

It is a nice speckled stone effect for this kind of project or pots and vases.
Bird Bath & Turtle (6)

Then there’s the turtle. He actually turned out better than he originally was. I don’t have a before picture, but the paint color on him is perfect. Ashlyn drew a line where the mouth indent was and painted eyes. Before the mouth and eyes were there, it was just a solid color. I think her painted mouth and eyes enhanced the little guy.
Bird Bath & Turtle (1)

Glad that’s off my list finally. Sometimes projects like this just take awhile to get the omph to do them. Then again, sometimes I just forget that I wanted to do it too. Hope your getting projects done off your list. Have a great day and hopefully you are enjoying the weather wherever you are.



  • Cruella May 15, 2021 at 8:59 am Reply

    They look amazing! I agree, the turtle looks great with the mouth & eyes

    • Everyday Snapshot May 15, 2021 at 9:05 am Reply

      Thanks. We figured if the mouth & eyes didn’t look good, we could just spray paint over it again. I was a little nervous on what and how she’d paint it on, but she did great. As usual with her artistic way.

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