Bike Ride – Dog Chase – Ride in the Rain

We had a couple of nice days recently so we decided it was time to get the bikes out of the shed. Dusted them off. Aired up the tires. Checked brakes and chains. We decided to go for a quick spin just to get out of the house and get fresh air from our stay at home/shelter in place orders.

Once we cut through town, there’s a nice country road that has a small overpass over a little canal. It’s a great resting spot to throw rocks in. Few miles out, few miles back. Nice little ride.

Ashlyn: Do we need to bring a drink?

Me: No, we’re not going that far. Going to keep it short.

Off we go.
Bike Ride – Dog Chase – Ride in the Rain

Let’s keep going, Ashlyn says. Let’s go a little further, Ashlyn says. We did come across this pretty little spot (below pic). We decided to head to the upcoming T intersection, then turn back. This was at 4-something miles. Coming up to the T intersection, Jamie calls me. I could hear him, but he couldn’t hear me. So we pull over to the side of the road and I call him back. A few minutes into the call, Ashlyn says “Oh no, Mom, dogs are coming!” I tell Jamie, “I gotta go, 3 dogs are headed straight for us”. I yell to Ashlyn to GO, and ride fast, as fast as she can. I held back from her a little bit, hoping the dogs would pay attention to me and not her. I look back and 2 of the dogs had slowed down but one kept coming. All 3 were big dogs. Had these been physically fit dogs, no way we could have outran them. But the one continuing the chase, was big, but also looked pudgy and not fit at all. Ashlyn had a good head start so I decided to haul ass too. And haul ass we did. The dog slowed up and finally gave up, but he did stand in the road barking, probably saying, “and don’t come back”! to us.

Country Bike Ride (2)

Once we got ahead far enough, they were no longer in site, we needed a break. We stopped, caught our breathe, hooked my phone back on my bike, both of us were thirsty (no drinks, remember). As we started riding again, Ashlyn was pretty scared since this was not our first run in with dogs, I was talking to her about why I yelled at her to ride as fast as she could ahead. Because I’d rather I get bitten than her. As we chatted, I feel sprinkles. Then more sprinkles. Then a light rain. Seriously? Really?! We still have 4 miles left. I texted Jamie to tell him we were ok. 10 minutes later he texts to see if we made it home…ahhh no…. Three more miles in the rain left. I have decided at this point, Ashlyn had very bad ideas today !!  haha

Loose Dog Discussion

I’ve never been quite sure how to handle the loose dog problem. This is about our 4th occurrence. One incident was 3-4 blocks from our house in town. Again, I yelled for Ashlyn to go ahead of me, I held back and the dog and I were neck and neck, he didn’t appear mean, just a chaser. I stopped, and he stopped. Yelled for Ashlyn to go home. The owner caught up to us and gave ME a dirty disgusted look and was pissed because his dog chased us. Seriously !!! We were riding bikes on a public street, he’s the one that wasn’t following our towns leash law.

Only once have I been bitten. It was in the foot, through my shoe, no skin was punctured. But still scary, that one was a vicious one and had to use a little force to get him to back off and stop biting. I mean, I love animals. Have two dogs of my own. But… I’m not going to sit back and allow myself or my kid to be attacked by one either. So….I have some questions.

How do you handle the loose dog situation if you’ve ever been chased on bike or foot?

What is the best defense? And that is easy to carry with you (on bike and foot)?

I’m not going to sit at home and not enjoy walks and bike rides just because people can’t keep their dogs on their property and not pay attention when they are chasing walkers and bikers down.  But I also need a better plan in place to protect ourselves since this is an ongoing (but not real frequent problem). The good part of the previous incident, is that it was in town, so I’m certain help would have come fairly quick had one of us been attacked. The one yesterday, in the country, had the chance of not ending well. I did have my phone, but… 3 huge dogs vs 1 adult, 1 kid.  Our bike ride was 9 miles total and I think we only had about 6-8 cars pass us. So at some point, I’d like to hope one would have helped us.

We are outdoorsy people big time. We love walking, jogging and riding bikes. We love walking the trails at our campground (another loose dog incident happened there, but he ended up very friendly).

What are your best recommendations for the loose dog issue?



  • Cruella April 6, 2020 at 8:40 am Reply

    Ug, I HATE when other people do not keep control of their dogs. I get it that there is an exception and things will happen where a dog can get away without knowing it but some people just do not bother to make sure they keep their pets contained. I’ve only had a few issues when I’ve been out walking and it was when I had Turby and after the same dog came out at us more than once I let him have all the slack in the least to let him handle the situation lol I did find an article on the subject. My thought was mace or carrying treats with you which is BS that you have to buy treats for someone else’s dogs just so they won’t bite you!

    • Everyday Snapshot April 6, 2020 at 5:21 pm Reply

      I’d have to say you were probably in pretty good hands with Turby with you!! haha I agree sometimes dogs get away, slip out of their collars, etc. It happens. But then there are the loose dogs and no owner in site ever situations. Thanks for the article, I’ll check it out right now. Another reader suggested pepper spray since it lasts for about 45 minutes (plenty of time to get away), no damage or harm to the dog and it’s small enough I can carry in my pouch on my bike or on myself when walking. Not to mention the added benefit of protection from a person if needed as well. I hadn’t thought of the treats, now that’s a good idea too. And I have those on hand of course having my own dogs. I could easily toss some of those in my bike pouch too. Those would be good for the ‘chaser’s’ and maybe the pepper spray for the more aggressive ‘growler/snarlers’. Thanks for the ideas and the article !!

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