Band & Choir

The other night was Open House at school but this year was a little different. Her grade is the year for beginners band and choir. It gives them a chance to try it out and see if they like it before Jr High next year.

So far she loves band. She’s playing the Alto Saxophone. They have a very small group, but they did excellent for their first year and playing in front of everyone. Sounded really good !! They have Band Camp this summer too she’s excited for. I believe that’s with some of the older kids as well.
Band & Choir

She seems to like choir too but doesn’t say near as much about it. Not sure if this one will stick or not, but glad she’s trying it out to see if it’s a good fit for her.
Band Choir 2

During Open House we got to see her classroom, music and band room among others.
Band Choir 3

And lastly, another painting of hers I just have to show off. I think she does great but I could be slightly partial to thinking that. A few others in this post.
Painting Birds


Happy Mothers Day to all. I hope you have a fabulous Sunday doing whatever it is that you love.


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