Ashlyns Room Update

Ashlyns room got a fresh coat of paint with a new color. She’s moved past pink, purple and princesses and on to a soft yellow.

Ashlyns Room Update

Here are a few before pictures. It’s been this way for quite awhile and she was definitely ready to update. This pink and purple was not fun to cover up though.
Her Room (1)

Her Room (2)

Her Room (3)

She chose a soft yellow. Partly because we had some restrictions on all crazy and bold colors. These are not full after picture’s because her room is a bit of a hodge podge in final decorating at the moment. She has some new dressers but she has more stuff than space. So it’s a bit crowded in there, but it works. Just doesn’t make for great after picture’s at the moment.
Her Room (4)

The room is painted yellow, the trim and doors are white, even that trim to the right. The ceiling fan got painted a gray. Which is eventually what the floors will be. In the end, we’ll end up with a gray and yellow color scheme.
Her Room (5)

Her Room (6)

Her Room (7)

New set of white blinds too. Got rid of the cheap ones and went with a nice set of those ones that look like wood, but they aren’t wood.
Her Room (8)

I’ll get better after picture’s once we get a little further with this room.

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  • Cruella November 28, 2020 at 10:49 am Reply

    Really nice. Aw, our kids are growing up. Addi is updating her room too. I love the white and gray. Though the purple was good too. Are the blinds the wider ones? We have those and they are SO MUCH easier to clean. Even more so when Mary does it lmao

    • Everyday Snapshot November 28, 2020 at 12:29 pm Reply

      Is she? Ugh, these darn girls are big enough to update their rooms. Yep, the blinds are the wider ones. They are wide, thicker and stronger. I love them ! Right, always easier to clean when someone else does it. ha.

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