Apple Crisp

It’s no secret that apple crisp is one of my basic food groups. I’ve just discovered a new recipe, which is really no different than the other gazillion out there. Except that, do you know what makes apple crisp really good? And I mean really good? Since it’s so good on it’s own anyway, a drizzle of caramel puts it over the top on the goodness chart. 

After it comes out of the oven, let it cool a bit and drizzle the caramel on.
crisp (1)

Okay, OKAY, so there’s more than a ‘drizzle’ on there. I guess I meant, heap the whole entire container on and don’t forget to lick the spoon and every last drop out of the jar. Do not think this is a bad dessert for one single second. If you add extra apples it completely cancels out the brown sugar and caramel that’s involved. Oh and don’t forget the oatmeal in there, good for ya right? Double cancellation. Totally 100% healthy snack right here folks!  So put it up there real high on your food group chart.
crisp (2)

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