All Clear on Arms & Resting Puppies

I have missed you guys !!!!  School is back in session, I’m starting to dig my way out and get sort of caught up to the point of posting more regularly again ! I’ve got quite a few posts to get ready for you.

Recently though, we had the final check on Ashlyn’s wrists. (Check out her injuries here if you missed that post). Her range of motion is solid, she got the all clear from the Doctor. So what does a kid do once 2 wrists are finally healed from a fracture and a break?

You climb tree’s of course !!!

All Clear on Arms & Resting Puppies

And swing as high as you can right?

Swinging High

We also hit up a movie in the park in a nearby town. We love these. We saw Moana this time. Really good movie with good music. But….we did figure out why the front area was so open. We thought boy how did we get so lucky, these are great seats. Well, apparently everyone else knew how LOUD it would be sitting that close. Ah well, at least we didn’t have heads in our way.  Ha Ha.

Movie in the Park

The boys have not made an appearance on the blog for a really long time. They will be 13 this October. Both had surgeries this summer. Both slowing down on their walks. But definitely getting enough rest.

Tired Puppies (1)

In case you ever wondered why the stuffing in that chair in our house is messed up. It’s the most comfy. And it’s where you get the best morning sun. And you know your spoiled so no one will kick you off.

Tired Puppies (2)


Do you have spoiled dogs?

I hope your kids didn’t have broken bones this summer, did they?



  • Carol August 23, 2018 at 2:47 am Reply

    Aw, the boys look so comfy!

    Glad those wrists healed so she can get back at it. Probably torture to be out of the pool to go to school

    • Everyday Snapshot August 23, 2018 at 3:32 am Reply

      School does interfere with pool time, but on a good note…if she skips I know right where to find her. Haha.

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