Aldi’s 90 Second Grains

I hope everyone had a very thankful and stomach stuffed Thanksgiving. Speaking of food, I just wanted to share something I’ve been liking from Aldi’s. It’s been a new thing I like to have on hand.

They are their 90 second grains. If I have to put too much work or effort in to making lunch, I will not choose the healthy route. Lunches for me have to be quick. So these have been working out to side up with some steamed or roasted veggies, or chicken. Goes with just about anything, or as is too. First one is Quinoa & Brown Rice from Simply Nature.
Aldi’s 90 Second Grains

The whole package is 420 calories. If you eat only this, it’s a nice size portion. But if I have it with something I usually only eat half the bag and save the rest for the next day.
SN Quinoa & Brown Rice (2)

In case you are not familiar with Simply Nature, they are free from many artificial ingredients and preservatives. I like a lot of the Simply Nature products. Actually, from Aldi’s I love the Fit & Active brand too.
SN Quinoa & Brown Rice (3)

You can microwave these pouches or fry them up in a skillet. For this one I microwaved it and when the instructions tell you to tear the top of the bag to vent it… you might want to really do that. If you don’t, it will make a very loud bang in the microwave. Speaking from experience. You will also have a slight mess to clean up.
SN Quinoa & Brown Rice (4)

Taste wise, they taste fine as is. Especially if you eat it with something else. For me personally, it’s 1000 times better with Liquid Aminos on it.
SN Quinoa & Brown Rice (6)

Next is Seven Grains from Simply Nature. Again, these are very good and use them and pair them up with veggies, chicken, salmon or whatever you wish.
SN Seven Grains (1)

About the same in calories and portion size.
SN Seven Grains (2)

I had them the same way except I fried this one up in the skillet. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference as far as preparing in the skillet vs. microwave.  Microwave is one less dish to dirty.
SN Seven Grains (3)

Third is Cauliflower rice from Earthly Grains. I am not a big cauliflower fan. I have not tried cauliflower pizza crust yet or anything else really.
EG Cauliflower (1)

For only 20 calories per serving, I figured I have to try it. Now this bag has 3 servings in it, whereas the other 2 the whole bag is 1 serving.
EG Cauliflower (2)

So… just plain all by itself, I didn’t love this one. I didn’t hate it, but I definitely didn’t love it. I expected as much since I don’t care for cauliflower in general.
EG Cauliflower (3)

If you add something else with it, douse it with Liquid Aminos, it was tolerable for sure.
EG Cauliflower (4)

Hope you enjoy these if you try them.

What great Aldi’s finds do you love?

Tried cauliflower pizza crust yet?

Did you have a fantastic Thanksgiving?


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