Zoo – Park – Storm

We tried a different zoo this year than we normally do. So glad we did. It was a little better.

zoo (1)

Well, except for the very large snake.

zoo (2)

These were so pretty, had to force her into a picture with them.

zoo (3)

Saw many animals that she don’t normally see.

zoo (4)

Giraffe’s were out and active. One came right up close to us and was checking the crowd out. And eating whatever he could reach. They sure do have LONG tongues to help them pull leaves off.

zoo (5)

In between animals and exhibits and getting around the park was very nice pretty scenery. Just makes it all more pleasant. Lot’s of shade tree’s and places to sit and rest too.

zoo (6)

Several play areas for the kids. Well, this wasn’t a play thing but she was on it for a picture anyway. Standing, not playing.

zoo (7)

Then, next to the zoo, they had a really nice park we had to play at for awhile.

zoo (8)

She loves these type of parks. One of her favorite’s. They are pretty cool. The only disadvantage is if you had a small child, they can get out of your eye sight and hard to find real quick.

zoo (9)

Finished our day with a nice little storm that blew through. We always love watching them.

zoo (10)

You have a favorite zoo?

What are you doing this weekend?

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