Winter – Dance – Volleyball

Even though it’s been a decent winter this year. Waaay better than last year. Does anyone else just wish it was over with already? More snow, more low temps. It’s just not my thing. Spring, Summer and Fall are more what floats my boat. It’s pretty. That’s all I can say really. All the extra layers to stay warm… bah hum bug. Ashlyn and I like to just slide the flip flops on and go !

I guess there is one good thing about winter. Hot chocolate ! Don’t mind the old nasty mug. I do have plenty of nicer ones, and new ones. This old one with the warn out lip mark is just still hangin in there. And it’s a good size for the jumbo hot chocolate with all the marshmallows.

Someone had their first Jr High Dance a few weeks ago. It was sports themed. She had a lot of fun !! Phones were not allowed at the dance. That way kids talked to each other and mingled and didn’t spend the whole time with their face in their phones. But from the few picture’s I saw (from the kids who snuck their phones in), it looked like they had a blast. I agree on the phones, but it would be nice to have a lot of picture’s from their night of fun. I know someone who would volunteer to take pictures (wink wink). But wouldn’t that suck to have your Mom at your dance. haha

Volleyball has been sucking up any free time since December. It’s a very busy schedule. I have no idea how parents of multiple kids play multiple sports. Hopefully neither one is a 3rd shifter because then you are basically down to one parent doing the juggling act.

As a kid, did you and the neighborhood kids ever get together at the park or a big back yard and play soccer, baseball, football…? We did all the time. And I mean all the time !!!  The back yard was ours that we played in for baseball and football. But we also used to go down to the local ball diamond. Ashlyn would really love that and the kids here just don’t do it very often. We live near the park and you never ever see kids over there just playing sports together. You only see them at scheduled soccer or baseball seasons. But never just a group of kids playing sports for the fun of it. Kind of sad really. When her and I go to the park, you see kids at the park, yes. So it’s usually just her and I volleying the ball back and forth using the soccer net as our net. Her and I will play soccer too, but with only 2 people, that wears me OUT. She told me “kids don’t do that anymore”. I told her “They should”.

I hope you are having a great day. Somewhere warm if winter isn’t your thing.

Do you like the colder or warmer months?

Hot chocolate drinker?

Do your neighborhood kids get together like in the good ol days?


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