Vtravo Silicone Squeezable Travel Bottles – Review

Today I’ll be talking about travel bottles by Vtravo. Do you travel or carry any type of soap or lotion in your purse? Then certainly, you’ve encountered a leak problem of some kind that created a mess all over your personal belongings. I would always put everything in a big zip lock bag, then when it leaked (as it always would) at least it was contained in the zip lock bag. But I was still left with a mess either way. This post may contain affiliate links where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

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I think I was lucky enough to stumble upon the best ‘truly leak proof’ travel sized bottle out there. I am amazed and in love with them. 

You get 4 bottles in a set. They come in a few colors. I wish I’d have gotten the pack with 4 separate colors, but it’s no big deal. I like to have a different ‘visual’ for each product, as well as the wonderful build in labels they have. Let’s go over the facts man. 

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  • Color Choices (at the time I wrote this) are: pink/white, blue/white or pink/blue/white/black.
  • Just a smidgen over 5″ tall and 3 oz. each. 
  • 1″ wide mouth opening.
  • Build in labels. (sunblock, lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner) And a blank space to write your own.
  • Cross cut center to prevent leakage and product to only dispense when squeezed.
  • Can stand them up, suction to shower or hang. I love that you have all three options. 
  • Made from 100% BPS free medical grade silicone (not plastic). 

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It’s easy to switch the labels. Take the cap off, turn the dial on the inside until it snaps in to place, and done.

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The wide mouth opening makes it a breeze to fill and clean. And allow them to dry better for that matter.

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I have a spot to hang these at home. But when traveling you don’t always have a shower caddie, but you could attach a rope type string to hang it with as well. When at a hotel, I find it best to stand them up or use the suction. Which holds them up well even when full.

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The suction cup is one solid piece of silicone, not one of those separate attached suction gizmo’s that tends to come apart when you pull it off. You know, the bottle is in your hand and the suction is still on the wall. Not happenin’ with this one.

silicone travel bottles (8)

The little criss-cross cut is extra leak proof security. The product only comes when when the bottle is squeezed.

silicone travel bottles (9)

I tested this with water before putting anything in a bag. I laid it on it’s side, shook the bajesus out of it, squeezed it really hard and carried it in my purse for a few days to bounce around and get smashed.

silicone travel bottles (10)

I would worry that the caps could crack or break if these fell just right. But so far, I haven’t had that happen.

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You would have to check with your airline of choice, but I am almost certain these are approved by all airlines as well. 

Also, the company on the Amazon listing for these bottles states there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Now “I” am not guaranteeing them, at the time I wrote this, the Amazon listing for these bottles stated that. Now that’s really standing behind your product. 

silicone travel bottles (12)
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

I am just ecstatic that these don’t leak. I do love the colors too. And I love the labels built in like this, so they don’t come off in the shower like a homemade label jobby. 

Here’s my little non-talking quick video with the same text and photo’s but thought I’d put it include it too.

I absolutely love these bottles, I think I could actually use more for around the house and they’d make great gifts as well. As far as a traveler goes, I know the price point seems a little high, but they are so incredibly worth it. And so are your items in your bag that will remain dry because of them. They are such a good quality too.

Do you have problems with travel bottles leaking?

What is your fix? Or what container do you use?

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