Vet Tech Camp

Many community college’s offer day camps. Ashlyn and her friend attended one offered to students of a certain age in our area. They could choose from Vet Tech Camp, Equestrian Camp, a Tool & Mechanics one and I can’t remember the 4th one offered.

They chose Vet Tech Camp. It was pretty neat what they learned but the point was to also show kids you can still go to college without having to go for years and years, you can still go without perfect grades. This college wanted them to know, they can go no matter what.

Vet Tech Camp

They learned about Raising Orphaned Animals, Exotic Animals, Creepy Crawly Bug session and Seeing What’s Inside (dissecting certain organs, a cows eyeball I believe).

From what she said I got the impression she loved the orphaned animal’s session best. She got to learn how to rescue baby birds, chicks & ducks, baby kittens, saw some calf’s, learned what pet owners should know, basic way to handle finding orphaned animals, about round and ring worm and all about several exotic animals.

It was pretty cool, they learned a lot and mostly had fun doing it.

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