VBS Fishers of Men Cookies

So last July… yea I know, I’m catching up okay… we had VBS in our area. We LOVE helping with this program. Ashlyn was in it when she was younger. Her pre-school teacher is in charge of this and does a great job and that just makes it all the more fun being able to help her.

We usually help with the crafts and just keeping an eye on kids. This year I was asked to be a reader and make treats on their final night when they have their program. The theme this year, ahem I mean last year, was Fishers of Men. I got to have a lot of fun with the cookies.

VBS Fishers of Men Cookies

I thought colorful fish would be more fun and pretty than trying to make them the true color of fish.

VBS Fishers of Men 2

I was having some piping issues that day. Actually had a few issues. It was hot and the humidity was terrible. So edible markers to the rescue!!!

VBS Fishers of Men 3

Some sparkly starfish just because I had the cutter so why not.

VBS Fishers of Men 4

I had the perfect string on hand for the fishing pole and line. Only thing I was missing was the net. I thought we had some netting (tull) but Ashlyn had used it up for a craft. I had some iridescent shiny paper that made great water (and easy cleanup for my container).

VBS Fishers of Men 5

I’ve had some disastrous problems trying to do these type of cookies in the past, so I was pretty darn happy they turned out for the most part. More importantly, the kids loved them, and they fit the theme well.

VBS Fishers of Men 6

Do you have fun with cut out sugar cookies?

What is your favorite cookie?

Love to bake? or hate to bake?


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