Trick or Treat

The last 3 year’s I’ve dressed up with Ashlyn for Halloween. I keep telling myself it’s for her sake only. But really, it’s just fun. I’ll probably still dress up when she’s grown and moved out. I only do simple, cheap and easy costume’s. Not like as in, trashy hooker’s cheap and easy, but like inexpensive and quick to put together. 

Ashlyn asked Jamie if he’d dress up. The day of, he said “You find me something to wear and I’ll dress up.”  This is a first, and you need to be careful what you say or ask for, because we deliver. 

He was probably not thrilled to dress up to the extent of an actual costume and character. He’s also probably not thrilled to have evidence of it on this blog. My blog, my rules. Plus, he doesn’t read the blog, so it’s a win-win. 

Moving onward. Here we are, Mr and Mrs Scarecrow and the Candy Corn Witch. In proper scarecrow form.

Halloween Trick or Treat 010

Mama and her little witch. (She probably thinks that comment should be reversed.)
Halloween Trick or Treat 009

Some houses have the cutest decorations. One house had fantastic scenery, I’d have loved to bring my big camera for a few good photo’s of her at their house, but it was dark by then and I didn’t want to carry it around. 
Halloween Trick or Treat 005

Just a nicer pic of us all. And go figure, Jamie smiled. He NEVER smiles in picture’s. But you throw a scarecrow costume on him and look. Guess I know what photo will go on the Christmas card this year.
Halloween Trick or Treat 003

And of course, we had chili waiting for us for supper when we got home. The first 4 houses we went to had chili as well. Must be the Halloween night supper of choice.
Halloween Trick or Treat 001

Hope you all had a great Halloween.

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