Tree & Christmas Countdown

Every year we make our own countdown to Christmas project. Previous years have been Olaf, a Christmas tree, plain snowman and a Santa with beard. This year was Poppy the Troll !! We cover up our days with cotton balls. Unfortunately we don’t have pink ones, so she’s going to have to be okay with white hair by the time Christmas gets here.

We have done the real tree thing for years and years. But with each year, all year long, Jamie’s allergies seem to be getting worse and worse. So this is our 2nd year for our little artificial tree. We are trying some new allergy relief methods starting in January. If they are as successful as they prove to be, we may go back to a real tree in a year or two.

Deco Tree (1)

Yep – that’s a Santa hat as a tree topper. Our other ones are too heavy for this tree. But the hat works just fine.

Deco Tree (2)

Do you have a real or artificial tree?

What sort of countdown do you do, if any?

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