Tomato Plant

So we are going to give a plant in a pot a shot at life around here. Typically plants are not my strong suit. They are so demanding with wanting water and all. But I figure if I get rewarded with food at the end, maybe I could handle it. If this poor thing survives, strawberries might be next to try.

Going to try yellow maters !
Tomato Plant

Ashlyn won’t eat them, but she does like to do the dirty work.
Tomato Plant (1)

So far it’s looking good. We have it in our pool area, surrounded by fence, to keep critters from bothering it.
Tomato Plant (3)

So here it goes. I’ll let you know we do.
Tomato Plant (5)

Do you use pots or containers for a garden?

What is your favorite?

Any tips or tricks to share with me?

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