Tie Dye with Colors

Trying our hand at tie dye with color dye instead of bleach this time. I was in Walmart the other day getting our groceries. I went down the craft aisle just because it was a convenient shortcut and saw all these yellow sale tags. ERRR, brakes !  They had 3 bottles of dye left (a no name brand) for only $1.97 each. And all the white shirts to dye on the shelf right under it were on sale for $2 each ! This was a cheap way for us to try it without investing too much. I got us one shirt each, because I didn’t know how much each bottle of dye would do. You could do more than two for sure, so Ashlyn quickly went through her closet.

And I know, I know. For 2 bucks I should have grabbed more shirts knowing we’d use them for more dying or just for wearing. Knucklehead I know. But in Walmart I don’t think straight, my mission is to get through and out as quickly as possible.

All of the pictures in this post are crappy cell phone pics. Your welcome.
Tie Dye with Colors

Station in the garage all in place. Shirts wet and rubber banded up. Dye mixed. Gloves on.
Tie Dye Color (1)

We tried a few wrapping techniques we saw online. Some worked, some did not. But that’s ok, we are learning.
Tie Dye Color (2)

Here was mine. It’s supposed to look like a white and blue ‘burst’. Alternating more blue, more white, blue, white…
Tie Dye Color (3)

She saturated the heck out of one of hers. I went light on mine because she was hogging all 3 bottles. I was lucky enough to get half a bottle. Damn kids !!
Tie Dye Color (4)

The mess wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. But lots are garbage bags or drop cloths in the garage is a must. If it was warmer and not evening, we’d have done it outside.
Tie Dye Color (5)

We then placed each item in saran wrap or a zip lock bag and let them sit overnight.
Tie Dye Color (6)

Then we rinsed, and rinsed…. and rinsed !!
Tie Dye Color (7)

These half pants of Ashlyn’s are my favorite !!! Love these. The colors were more vibrant before we washed them. But they are still cool and wish they fit me.
Tie Dye Color (8)

These are also Ashlyn’s. The one on the left was a technique she followed and the one on the right was just wadded up. We liked both but the left is a bit different and neat.
Tie Dye Color (9)

More of Ashlyn’s. I told you she hogged it all. The left one is the one she saturated like crazy with dye. And the tank was a surprise and turned out really neat !
Tie Dye Color (10)

This was mine. The white spot on the left, then the thick blue half circle, then the white spotty blue half circle was exactly what it should do. But that was it. It was supposed to repeat that pattern but there were no more thick blue half circles. Oh well, still cool and I love this light blue color with the white !!
Tie Dye Color (11)


Are you tie dying anything lately?

What crafty project are you working on?

Are you gardening or planting flowers?


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