Tie Dye – Another Round

At it again. Since we are still pretty new to tie dyeing, we are still buying the cheap stuff. Cheap dye. Cheap shirts. Only problem with that is, they seem to always only have red, 2 different blues or black. Doesn’t make for real bright shirts. And the color seems to fade in the first wash pretty good. So maybe we should upgrade supplies here soon.

For the time being, Ashlyn did all these with the remaining cheap stuff we had.
Tie Dye – Another Round

We have learned a few tricks recently that we’ll do next time. Our colors now seem to ‘puddle’ underneath the shirt. Which can make a muddy color. Sometimes that’s real bad and sometimes like in this shirt it gave her purple which we did not have. But most of the time you want your colors very separate. Or we think we do anyway. Anyway, we read that you should do this while the shirt sits on a rack like you cool cookies on. So the excess drips through. Genius !!!!! I actually love the purple and blue in this one and it was a complete accident. haha  That’s how it goes. Sometimes the oops ones turn out great.
Tye Dye more (2)

I love the light blue in this one. My favorite one is a light blue and white one we made for me awhile back. Love that color.
Tye Dye more (3)

She made this little one for her niece who just turned one.
Tye Dye more (4)

And she made this one for her niece that will be three very soon. She got this idea off the internet and gave it a try. Turned out great. She said she wished she wouldn’t have put any black in the middle of the heart but I told her that’s how we learn what things will look like, is to just try it. I think it looks great given our limited color choices. And making an actual shape was very new to us.
Tye Dye more (5)

Have you tie dyed?

Do you have a favorite brand recommendation?

Any other helpful tips for us?


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