Three Punks

The 3 punks (aka my daughter and nephews) had a chance to get together and play recently. We don’t see each other often, so when we do we try to get some updated pictures. Even if the kids aren’t dressed right, hair isn’t brushed. It doesn’t matter, it’s all good. But I was surprised they were all into it. They chose most of there own poses and were running around yelling ‘here next, I get to pick next.” 

For family and friends who used to enjoy seeing all of the pictures instead of just the few I choose to show on here, soon there will be a page that will have a link to all of them. 

aja (3)

aja (4)

aja (5)

aja (6)

This one almost didn’t happen and I love this one. On the first take, they ran away too quick but I could see in my quick view of it and I liked it so I insisted on a redo.  They are all smiling so they must not have minded.
aja (7)

Darn sun!!
aja (8)

The first punk is out of focus here, but I like it anyway.
aja (10)

aja (11)

aja (12)

aja (13)

aja (14)

aja (15)

Hmm, maybe we should have brushed that snarly sweaty hair.
aja (16)

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