The Wet Brush – Review

We more often than not have some hair tangling issues around here. I was certain I was not going to fall for those detangling brushes I’ve been seeing so much of recently. Then I decided to give one a try after hearing so much about them. 
Detangle Brush (2)
I first tried this one. Not sure the exact name of it because I did not care for it at all !  We threw it away after a week. So that was it. Not falling for anymore. Done. No more. 

So then I bought this one. Good thing I didn’t listen to myself because it’s great. I bought it at Target. It’s called The Wet Brush, but they advertise it as The Wet/Dry Brush. We think it’s pretty fantastic. We have a lot less screams and tears in the morning. I’m not saying A’s hair is tangle free 24/7. Just saying that the ease of brushing her hair is so much better.  Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.Detangle Brush (1)
Update 3-17-16: This post was originally wrote back on 5-13-14. I just wanted you to know, we STILL use this brush for my daughter, and it’s still her favorite. If for some reason at a friends house, she has to use a different brush, she will most definitely come home and tell me how much their brushes hurt. It’s still a favorite and still used every single day, and I still highly recommend it !!

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