Team Colors & Clip-Ons

Good morning !!!!

Are you familiar with Touchstone Crystal’s Birthstone Bracelets?  If not, they are stretchy with no clasp. Easy peasy to put on. They are smooth all the way around, so no snagging clothes or sweaters. 

I tend to wear them to support school or team colors and to match my outfit. I have yet to wear them for the actual birthstone colors of my family. They are 2.25″ inside diameter, crystals are set in Rhodium plating. I am wearing January and April. 

So versatile. You can do school colors, team colors, holiday colors and your actual birthstones. The red, white and blue even worked great for Captain America colors for a recent fundraiser I did.  So many options. 


Today I paired the bracelets with the Classic Clip-ons. I think clip-ons get forgotten about. I have mine pierced but still love these!  Just too pretty to forget about, so thought I’d bring them back today. They are Crystal set in Rhodium plating.

School Colors (Blog) 2

You can see these pieces as well as all the rest on my Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski website. Feel feel to browse and make a wish list !!

I hope you all have a sparkly day.

Tell me, are you a clip-on fan or not?


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