Swimming Lessons

Ashlyn has made big progress this year in the pool. She swim great with her face goggles on. We’ve got her down to just eye goggles and she didn’t really back track like I thought she might. She never liked having her face in the water. She’s still going under and off the diving board. And on the last day, she went through the whole class and off the diving board with no goggles. Huge progress. 

She rode in the car the whole way like this. She loves the water and has been asking when lessons start for months now.
swim lessons (1)

She ate supper with her new goggles on.
swim lessons (2)

She slept in her new swimsuit.
swim lessons (3)

Jumping in the deep end.
swim lessons (4)

Just simply jumping in, haven’t worked on any form yet. Obviously.
swim lessons (5)

swim lessons (6)

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