Streetscape time is here again. Actually it was back in July, I’m just now posting it. Not THAT late.

We learned that you do not paint your whole background black. If you want a black background, paint your picture first, then paint black around it.
streetscape 002

Otherwise, it bleeds through everything. Other painters had the same problem. That’s okay, we learn and do it differently next year.
streetscape 003

So serious.
streetscape 004

That black obviously makes your colors look a little bit ‘off’ too.
streetscape 005

The water bucket has got to be a highlight of this day.
streetscape 006

streetscape 007

She did the whole thing, 100% herself.
streetscape 008

It’s Patrick !!!!  Last year, she did Spongebob.
streetscape 009

Twinsies !!!!!! 
streetscape 010

Does your kid still think it’s neat to dress like twins? Get a picture now if they do, because they won’t for long I bet. 

Do you have a street painting near you? 

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