Strawberry Pie – The Best One

We have a WINNER  !!!
Remember my last strawberry pie tasted really good but did not set up correctly. Which is a common problem in this type of pie. Also, many of them are too sweet for my liking. I’m one of those odd people that does not prefer overly sweet things. Well look no further, this one is perfect in every way. Ever so slightly sweet is all. Right amount of strawberries. Uses real strawberries for the puree not a canned gel filling or jello, and it sets up beautifully. Not to mention it tastes amazing. I should have known to go straight to the Pioneer Women when you want good easy recipes. I love her food, easy recipes and simple ingredients.

Strawberry Pie – The Best One

Do not mind the ugly crust. It’s a store bought one and I did not set it out in time to get it to room temperature. I was in a bit of a hurry and the cold dough fought me a bit but it baked up just fine. So many recipes that require corn starch to thicken just have you dump it in. It will still thicken it but not correctly. This recipe has you do it the correct way by mixing it with cold water first, then adding it to your warm pot of strawberry mixture.

This strawberry pie was so easy to make and oh so good in every way. Thank you Pioneer Women. I have thrown all other recipes away and will only be making this one from now on out.

Strawberry Pie PW Recipe (1)

If you try it I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

What is your favorite pie?

What is your favorite Pioneer Women recipe?


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