Steam Engine Train Ride

Yesterday we got to ride on a 1929 (that’s the year a volunteer told us) Steam Engine Train pulled by a Vintage Steam Locomotive. Since most of us had never ridden on any type of a train at all, it was pretty cool.
Steam Engine Train Ride

It was in town for a fundraiser for our local fire department. They had 5 rides I believe and all but the early first one was completely full.
Steam Engine Train Ride (2)

A storm crept up and passed through right at the time of our ride. Got a little nervous that it was going to ruin the whole ride.
Steam Engine Train Ride (3)

We just boarded the train and found seats and the rain broke lose. A really good down pour. Just enough wind to make the umbrella’s flip and not be any help at all. Everyone boarding ended up pretty dry. The people getting off the train….didn’t end up so dry.
Steam Engine Train Ride (4)

Grandpa and Grandma went with us.
Steam Engine Train Ride (5)

This is basically what the inside looks like. Not bad for 90-some years old.
Steam Engine Train Ride (6)

We were really happy to have window seats.
Steam Engine Train Ride (7)

Steam Engine Train Ride (8)

In between each car where they connect, you can stand and look out. There is a half door that comes up to about your wait or so, then the top half is all open. As this conductor was going from our car to the next, the window caught his hat, pulled it right off his head and out that open area between the cars !! POOF and gone. We heard on the way back that the hat retriever crew got it for him.
Steam Engine Train Ride (9)

Enjoying the ride. Not sure if we were supposed to hang out windows or not, but we did a lot for some photo’s and video.
Steam Engine Train Ride (10)

It was about an hour ride. They allowed 20 minutes to unload and reload people. They were efficient, nice and polite and ready to roll again. Very quick exchange, which meant very little waiting for people.
Steam Engine Train Ride (11)

Steam Engine Train Ride (12)

Getting ready for the next round of people.
Steam Engine Train Ride (13)

This was the diesel engine on the opposite end. The steam engine brought us one way and this engine got us back to the starting point.
Steam Engine Train Ride (14)

Apparently, people that work for the railroad highly dislike you taking picture’s of your children on the tracks. Hmm.
Steam Engine Train Ride (15)

All in all, a pretty neat experience. I’d definitely do it again. But since I have never ridden a train in all my 40-something-ish years, there’s a good chance I won’t ride one again. Although I would love to travel by train sometime. Just sounds neat since I’ve never done it. Maybe that should go on my bucket list.
Steam Engine Train Ride (16)

Just a quick video of our ride and a couple quick clips are from Ashlyn’s go pro.

Have you ever ridden on a train to travel?

Have you ever ridden on a train just for fun?



  • Cruella May 20, 2019 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Cool. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • Everyday Snapshot May 20, 2019 at 5:07 pm Reply

      You betcha ! It was pretty neat.

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