Starwood Sports Running Belt – Review

Here’s the quick low down on this belt.  I almost didn’t even review this because I thought it would suck. I just didn’t see how a smooth material’d (is this a word?) belt was going to stay put on my smooth material’d (I’m making it a word) running tights.  I was so wrong. I almost missed out on this great belt because of my assumptions. I LOVE this belt, and everything I thought about it was dead wrong. Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.
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Style & Looks – I like that’s it’s slim looking and fitting. I really hate anything bulky while I run. The color black goes with everything. Black is also camouflage so to speak. Just meaning, when I have keys and debit cards in there, you can’t even see them. I have a smaller phone, and you can see the outline of that in there obviously, but it looks very discreet. I was definitely not wanting to look like I went back to the “fanny pack” era !! And it does not at all. The width measures right at 3 inches. And if stretched a lot on your waist/hips could appear even thinner.

Material – It’s very thin, smooth, soft and stretchy of course. When I have my phone in there, the material is thin enough, I can feel the button on my phone to skip songs or change playlists without having to get my phone out. Bonus !

Fit – This is where I doubted the belt. I did not think it would stay in place. Because my tights are smooth and soft and so is the belt. But after many runs and cardio workouts, I was proved wrong. It never slid down once. It did slide up a few times doing things like jump squats, high knees and mountain climbers. But no big deal. That’s expected. Aside from that, it never moved.

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Holding Items – during races or running away from home, I would hold keys, debit card and my phone all in my hands. Unless it was cooler weather and I had a light jacket with pockets. It really sucks to hold those things. There is pretty much no way those items will fall out of this belt. If you are still worried, once you place the items in, you could flip the belt, so the holes are towards your body. There are 4 holes. 2 in the front, on left and right side. 2 in the back, on left and right side. But it’s one continuous opening inside there. So if your key should slide around, it will still be easy to get out. One positive thing I didn’t expect. While I like to have my phone towards my front, to access the buttons for music through the fabric easily, (you can place the phone so the buttons are at the hole opening too) I dislike having the ear bud cord to my front. The swinging cord and swinging arms don’t work. So I’ve been bringing the cord down my back, inserting the cord through the back belt hole, fishing it through the belt to the front hole where my phone is, then I plug it in. I used to hold my phone for music during cardio workouts too. This belt, with hiding the cord in it like that, has been a HUGE help. I can walk, jog and cardio with my hands 100% free now. I used to shove my phone in my waistband when doing weights, only to have it fall through to my leg. Not a problem anymore thanks to this belt.

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Overall – This belt was better than I anticipated. I thought for sure it wouldn’t stay in place, but it sure did ! So happy to have something I can safely and securely hold my phone, keys and debit card in during a race and when I run outside. But it’s also benefiting just holding my phone for music and cord in place better for treadmill runs and at home workouts.

Have you ever tried one of these? Oh you really must !!

The exact belt I review is no longer available, but this one is very similar.


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