Starbucks Slime Cups

I just had to show you these. If you don’t know my kid, she’s one that has slime making down to a T.

After a recent visit to Starbucks, she was eyeballing these cute little tiny cups. The lady working gave her a few.  At home, she whips up her own drinks without hesitation. All made out of slime making materials & model magic !!!
Starbucks Slime Cups

She of course has a name for each drink, just like a real Starbucks drink.

This one is a Caramel Frappuccino.
Starbucks Slime Cups (5)

This one is a Strawberry Latte.
Starbucks Slime Cups (3)

Check out that swirl ! I wish this one was real, looks so yummy.
Starbucks Slime Cups (4)

This one is Rainbow Dream.
Starbucks Slime Cups (2)

This one is Rainbow Fruit.
Starbucks Slime Cups (6)

Just another day in the life of craft making for her. Now she struggles with squeezing them and playing with them, because they are slime. Or just leaving them as is.
Starbucks Slime Cups (1)


Do you have slime making or crafty kids at home?

Are you amazed by what they create too?

Tell me your kids favorite way to be artsy?


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