Someone Got a New Fresh Cut

She’s been talking about it for a long time. Going back and forth. Lately, she’s been pretty sure. After searching through many styles and discussing our very less than ideal hair texture, she decided to just go for it. But first waiting until humidity season was over in order to help the fight against frizz and unruliness with our hair.

Here is the before. She took it in the car on the way to the salon. We didn’t get the back of her hair but it’s the same length all the way around.

Haircut 1

And the after !!  It’s a bold move but she loves it. It turned out just how she wanted.

Haircut 3

Our hair stylist is awesome and she made sure the cut and style would work well with her hair and natural waves. So that way she wouldn’t be obligated to styling it everyday. She’ll be able to wash and go with little maintenance for the most part and take time to mess with it if she wanted.

Haircut 4

It’s a pretty stylish look and was surprised she chose it actually. She normally goes more subtle. All 2 or 3 of her choices were good cuts but she could only pick one.

Haircut 6

Haircut 5

Haircut 2

I got mine cut too but no pictures. It was just the same ol trim I always get. No changes. Next time we’ll be covering some grays maybe, nothing too crazy.

House Update: got a few more things in the mail this past week that starts to complete several of our rooms we are freshening up. We weren’t going to do this much. But… once we got started, then this didn’t match, then this didn’t, then this didn’t… next thing you know it was a bit more than we planned. BUT it’s turning out great. Soon, I promise, pics coming soon.

We’ll be remote learning at least through the 1st semester, then we’ll see what the next step is. So until then posts will continue to be slow. This whole remote learning is quite time consuming. Worth it though, she’s doing quite well at home. Although she recently told her Grandma that her teacher “was mean, demanding and she needs a break from her”.  Hahaha !!!!  Sounds like I’m doing my job.


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