Small Town Fun Days

We went to our Fun Days weekend in our little small town ! Had a great time. Weather was perfect, not near as hot as the year before. This post is filled with a ton of picture’s so I’m going to keep my blabbing to a minimum. I also made the photo’s smaller than normal to save a little room.

A local campground holds a youth day each year that we love. We started out with snakes. She loves them and holds them every year.
Fun Days (1)

Minnow racing of course.

Fun Days (2)

She got to color a flower pot, pot the flower and bring it home.

Fun Days (3)

We enjoyed our whole weekend with our sweet granddaughter.

Fun Days (4)

More snakes.

Fun Days (5)

You can also fish for prizes. Which we didn’t do, but you can.

Fun Days (6)

Turtles ! They also provided us with a lunch which was great. You’re hungry after a long morning. They also have a BB Gun shooting contest which Ashlyn got 2nd in last year. But with 2 broken wrists this year, the people running it didn’t think it was wise. Whatever !!! She could still out-shoot them boys. HaHa.

Fun Days (7)

Came home to cool off in the pool. Isn’t she the cutest little thing ever !!!

Fun Days (9)

She loves the water !!  As we do.

Fun Days (8)

Then she was whooped and needed a nappers. We all took a break to recharge for the evening festivities.

Fun Days (10)

Back to the park for games and fun. Starting out with face painting ! Our grand-baby held still way better than I thought she would.

Fun Days (14)

They got a little butterfly and a dino eye.

Fun Days (11)

Lots of fun games with prizes.

Fun Days (12)

A petting zoo. We finished off the night with fireworks.

Fun Days (13)

A little calm fun playing at home before heading out again. They have a 5K I usually do, which is fun but I skipped it this year.

Fun Days (15)

Saved some time to play at the park without a crowd.

Fun Days (16)

She loved the swings !

Fun Days (17)

Then off to the parade.

Fun Days (18)

Train rides.

Fun Days (19)

A little resting in the grass. Well we rested, she got out of the stroller and stretched.

Fun Days (20)

HUGE turtle.

Fun Days (21)

And a HUGE albino python something or other. I honestly don’t remember. It could eaten all them kids!! Actually the thing moved so darn slow I even touched it. Much softer than you would expect.

Fun Days (22)

She of course loved it and sat petting it like you would a puppy.

Fun Days (23)

Balloon creations !

Fun Days (24)

Pink faces and tired after a long day, but lots of fun !

Fun Days (25)


What does your small town do for fun?

Do any 5k’s?


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