Small Town Fair

Small town fairs. You’ve just got to go at least once during the summer. 

fair (1)

fair (2)

fair (3)

Riding big kid rides these days.
fair (4)

We don’t play many games and we only play the ones that say “Prize every time”.
fair (5)

fair (6)

fair (7)

The petting zoo is always a fun place. Especially since we’ve never been this close to a zebra before let alone pet it. He/she was super soft.
fair (8)

I really wanted this kangaroo to stand up so I could see it better. But he/she wasn’t budging.
fair (9)

Baby schnookums here needed a little scratchin behind the ears.
fair (10)

The face painting lady was really good. And quick. And sweet for giving A- extra hearts on hers.
fair (11)

A- is really good at finding buddies anywhere we go.
fair (12)

EXCEPT for having to slide down with these boys who wanted to race her. She did NOT want to race. I motioned her to go down and take her turn anyway so she didn’t hold up the kids behind her.
fair (13)

3 seconds later she tosses up her victory hand !!!!!  She showed them we-hafta-race boys. I could hear them yell “Aw MAN, we got beat by a GIRL”!!!!
fair (14)

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