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Skin care is something I automatically do every single day, but it’s something I forget to talk about. When I was younger I probably didn’t take care of my skin the best. As with many of us when we are young. I decided in my 30’s that’s it’s never too late to start. 

I got away from the tanning beds, protect my skin when out in the sun, wash and moisturize my skin everyday with good quality products. As we know, skin care is just as much about what we consume, as well as how we take care of it on the outside. This post is about taking care of it from the outside. We all know we should eat healthy nutritious foods and drink plenty of water. 

I never really did have problem skin, other than being sensitive to certain products. Especially your average over the counter products. Many of the common brand names would make my skin red and irritated. So I’ve always used products recommended by a dermatologist because they were really good and much more gentle on my skin. 

When I discovered Shaklee 5 or 6 years ago, I was hesitant to try their skin care just because of the trouble I’ve had before. I finally gave in and tried the face wash and lotions for morning and evening routines. 

I was not disappointed and discontinued my dermatologist brand immediately. I loved this stuff. And like the cleaning products, it’s takes just a drop so it last forever !!  The face wash and lotions last me probably about 6 – 8 months.

Click on the links below to check out each individual products and their health benefits.

Shaklee Enfuselle Skin Care
Shaklee Enfuselle Skin Care

Shaklee Body & Daily Care
Shaklee Body Care

Shaklee ProSante Hair Care
Shaklee Prosante Hair Care

Shaklee Baby Care
Shaklee Baby

Please let me know if you have any questions. These are all products you probably already use now, these particular ones are just a different brand. It’s a brand I know, love and trust whole heatedly.

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