School Party

We missed this last year because we went on vacation. So was glad Ashlyn got to go this year. The school does a little Christmas party for K-5 grades with craft, games and fun. She had a great time. 

Several games to play and win prizes.

A friend that went with us.
cmas school party (2)

Cookie decorating.
cmas school party (3)

More games.
cmas school party (4)

Craft table making ornaments and frame.
cmas school party (5)

Coloring pages.
cmas school party (6)

Holiday tattoo’s.
cmas school party (7)

More cookies.
cmas school party (8)

They also had a popcorn stand set up. A TV playing a movie with padded things laying on the floor to watch. Santa came to visit and get picture’s if you wanted. Was pretty neat for the kids. 

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