School Ends

We end another year of school. We are getting excited for summer activities. Even though every year we think of summer as kicking back, having fun and going with the flow. It inevitably turns into way too many over scheduled fun activities. Some we’ve planned, some just happen. Then you add family and friend invites in there. And you are left with little time to do anything you actually wanted or anticipated planning. Nonetheless, we love and look forward to our overly busy summers, as long as we can squeeze in some outdoor pool time in our craziness of fun.

This was from Open House night. I really have no explanation.
open house

I have heard of so many fun things to do on the last day of school. Some people go all out and plan big events. Some go to the child’s favorite place. I heard of a few Moms blasting their kids with water balloons as they get off the bus (that sounded fun). Ashlyn loves parks, so we’ve gone out of town to some favorite parks in the past. This year, well….sometimes life just happens. And work prevails any fun we may thought we’d have. It was nice, rain was coming, and weeds in the rental driveways needed killed. So we put her to work of driving the lawnmower while Jamie did the spraying. But she has great fun driving the lawn mower around afterwards for fun. So that is simply as good as it gets this year.
last day of school

Spoiling her dog and baby.
toby ashlyn

We have a really awesome summer reading program at the library and summer park activities for the kids going on this year. She also loves being involved in K.F.C., and they are offering some summer meetings. Tee-Ball is in there and starting soon. She’s most excited for swimming lessons to start. 

What do you have planned this summer? Random fun activities? Nothing, pure relaxation? Vacations? Plain ol work?  Whatever you are doing, I hope you enjoy every moment. Take lots of photo’s !!

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