Saxophone Player

We now have a saxophone player in the house. Neighbors – we apologize during open window season. Actually so far it really hasn’t been that bad. It’s a better instrument to listen to than most.

She’s at the age this is very beginner’s entry level. Just to let them try them out and see if they really have an interest or not. At least get them exposed to music and instruments. Some kids might find an interest they didn’t know they had.

Saxophone Player

She tried several out, but both her and her teacher thought she sounded best on the saxophone. They have just recently received their chosen instrument and I believe she’ll get to play at this years Christmas Program. So that will be her first time performing in front of an audience.

Saxophone (2)

Not sure if this will stick or not but glad she’s giving it a shot. Music is such a good thing for kids. And adults too really.


Do you or your kid play an instrument?

Torture or tolerable listening to in the beginning while they figure it out?

Been to any good concerts lately?



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