Resin Charms & Pendants

Hi guys! Have you ever heard of making charms, pendants or earrings with resin? We had not. Not in a DIY kit anyway. Ashlyn received one for a gift last year.
Resin Charms & Pendants

This is what her kit looked like. Mix & Pour Resin Studio Charms & Pendants. We don’t have pictures of them on necklaces or anything yet because at the time they were still curing.

Resin Charms (4)

This was our set up. When they tell you to put wax paper down… put wax paper down. Glad we listened. This stuff is pretty thick, sticky, gooey stuff. The part we didn’t listen to was when they tell you to wipe everything off to clean them with a dry paper towel and don’t wash with water. Yep, gonna want to listen to that one. The second you put water on the bowls… it just turns into an instant nightmare. When done correctly, your mixing bowls clean up nicely. Dry, not wet.

Resin Charms (2)

Here is the rubber mold. Only one thing we didn’t like. So see all the shapes. They are all different and only one of each. If you are making a charm or pendant, it’s just fine. But you mix up the resin, add your colors, so it’s very custom and turns out different every time, and you can’t really save it. Once you pour, it sits in this mold for 24 hours or more. Then they cure for another day or two. Well, if you want earrings, you have to hope like crazy you can mix up the exact same color again a couple days later. Know what I mean? You don’t have 2 of the same shape to be able to pour at the same time for matching earrings. We didn’t want earrings but if we did, we’d have not been super happy about that. As for charms and pendants, only wanting one each, it’s perfect !

Resin Charms (3)

After all the pouring and waiting, here is how they turned out. Ready to be made into a keychain, necklace or whatever.

Resin Charms (5)

Resin Charms (6)

Resin Charms (7)

This is one of them. The front on the left, the back on the right. Kind of neat how even the front and back turn out with different lights, darks, swirls and patterns.

Resin Charms (8)

The little star had bubbles in it. You take a toothpick while it’s wet and get those out. Some still came back but that’s okay.

Resin Charms (9)

Resin Charms (10)

We think they turned out pretty neat even with a few bubbles.

Resin Charms (11)


Have you ever worked with resin before?

Any tips for us for next time?

What is your favorite DIY craft kit?


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