Reindeer Farm

We visited our first reindeer farm this past weekend. First time any of us saw real reindeer. They are friendly, playful and oh so soft !!!

Reindeer 01

The owners were so very nice and extremely informative with facts about the reindeer. Did you know they are quite comfortable down to -40 degrees or more !  Holy BRRRR. They have extremely dense and thick underfur.

Reindeer 02

The place we visited is just a small family owned farm with just a few reindeer, you can visit Santa while you are here, do a craft, write a letter to Santa, visit their gift shop and have a hot chocolate, coffee and cookie.

Reindeer 03

This is a baby, only 8 months to a year old I believe she said. They normally could have her out and about to play and pet her better, but you see her tiny antlers….they are afraid a kid will get poked in the face. So for safety reasons they keep her in here while visitors are there. I think it was a female anyway.

Reindeer 04

They are just the sweetest animals. Obviously when tamed and raised in human care.  They have videos playing showing them playing and having a good time. I was surprised and how frisky and playful they are.

Reindeer 05

Oh now this backdrop was amazing ! We were waiting in line for something and we saw this. If only I could have moved the chairs out of the way, and found someone to take our picture, this would definitely have been next years Christmas card. Just didn’t figure I had permission to rearrange the space for them, and wasn’t sure if this backdrop was used for something specific….so I just had Ashlyn quick get out of line and pop over there for a real quick picture. I should have at least moved that one chair. Darn it. Next time !

Reindeer 06

They loved their treats that’s for sure. And they took them so gently from the kids. Obviously this type of gate is to hold the antlers back. haha I imagine that would really hurt if you get one of those in the head.

Reindeer 07

We could have taken one home with us.

Reindeer 08


Reindeer 09


Reindeer 10

Cutest sweetest animals ever !

Reindeer 11

So this one here, you notice he only has 1 antler?  We he just lost the other a few days before we were here.

Reindeer 12

And here it is !!!!  The exact antler he lost.  A worker told us they lose their antlers once a year, for the first 5 years. Kind of like baby teeth. And each year they grow back bigger and bigger.

Reindeer 13

Very pretty at night too. All their buildings and grounds were kept up so nicely and clean.

Reindeer 14

We would defiantly go back again.

Reindeer 15


Have you ever seen real reindeer?

Ever been to a reindeer farm?

I highly recommend you do if you get the chance.


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