Recent Storm

We had a nice little storm the other night but didn’t get near the wind and damage that they anticipated. Well, our town didn’t anyway. Other towns near us sure did. Very thankful we didn’t get it but I’m never thankful someone else did.

Here are a few chunks of our hail. Many of them were breaking when they hit our back patio. By the time it was done and safe to run out and grab some, they had already started melting but here are a few.

Recent Storm

The double rainbow was so pretty but a little blah since it was still raining and hazy. Rainbows are prettier and turn out better when they bright sun accompanies them.

Storm with Hail (10)

I also was NOT bringing my good camera outside for better pictures since it was still raining pretty good. My cell phone had to do but I was still tucking it under my shirt to not get it too wet either.

Storm with Hail (13)

Storm with Hail (14)

After the storm was pretty much over we had some kickin clouds and color. I was itching to get that big camera out but just couldn’t do it even though they would have turned out so much better.

Storm with Hail (15)

Sometimes storms are just fun to watch and capture.

Storm with Hail (20)

Storm with Hail (22)

Although it wasn’t storming, one of the neatest things to watch was this wall cloud roll through awhile back. Oh and the funnel cloud I made Ashlyn pose for.

Do you enjoy watching storms (until safety is a threat of course)?

Have you ever been stuck in a bad storm situation?

Do you love capturing photos of them like I do? (maybe I should have been a storm chaser)


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