Raniaco Wireless Bike Speedometer – Review

Earlier this year, in the Spring, my bike speedometer quit working. Until it died, I didn’t realize how much I relied on it. So when I had the option to review a new one, I jumped on the chance. I love it more than I did my first one.  Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

The brand is Raniaco, and it’s wireless. My old one was not. The less wires around your tires and handle bars, the better. 

Few things about it. 

  • Large numbers. The screen numbers and words are larger than before. While riding your bike, this is very important making it much easier to read. 
  • Easy flip through functions. Can easily finagle it while riding. 
  • Auto Scan. You can have it scan through the various settings, so it will slowly flip through them on it’s own. 
  • Set up was a breeze. You just have to enter your tire circumference, set the clock and km or miles and you are set to go. You can enter the last odometer reading from your previous speedometer, or just start at 0. 
  • I double checked it’s accuracy with some 5-k measurement markings, it is dead nuts on. 
  • Settings within the computer include: current speed, odometer, trip distance, max speed, average speed, elapsed time, a clock, freeze frame memory and has auto on/off.
  • Back light feature. This might be one of my favorite. It’s awesome actually. I ride early morning or late evening a lot, and given it’s darker much earlier/later now it’s nice to still see it. 

bike speedometer (1)

bike speedometer (2)
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

Do you rely on your gadget’s as much as I do (and realize it once they are broke)?

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