Jamie chose Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner place. Not sure if we’ve ever had a family selfie before. So we tried. Might make us look cool.

camp (1)

Spencer sunning with Big Bear.

camp (2)

It was VERY hot but we went camping since it may be our last for the season.

camp (3)

She kept a tally of how many fish we all caught. Dad – 0, Mom – 1, Ashlyn – 25.

camp (4)

camp (5)

Met the sweetest little camper while there. We love meeting new camper family’s. The other little girl was looking back at Ashlyn with her face and eyes the exact same as Ashlyn’s. Was really cute. Ashlyn brought her old chairs up to the fort for the kids.

camp (6)

Little house keeping outside the fort area.

camp (7)

So very pretty here.

camp (8)

Lake water + sand = hours of messy fun.

camp (9)

Took a break and cooled off inside with some mac & cheese and watch a little of Trolls.

camp (10)

Evening s’mores !

camp (11)

Always ending with a beautiful sunset.

camp (12)

What are you doing to enjoy the end of summer weekends?

Do you camp? Fish?

What did you do this weekend?

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