Popcorn Mix Treat

Earlier this year our local library had a bake sale to help raise money for their summer reading program as they do every year. Every year we try to make a fun treat.  This year we were very limited on time, so a quick popcorn mix it was.
Popcorn Mix Treat

Just popcorn, pretzels and sixlets because I couldn’t find pastel M&M’s. The sixlets were heavy and went to the bottom but wasn’t a big deal.

Popcorn Mix Treat (5)

A drizzle of colored candy melts of course. We left nuts out for allergy reasons.

Popcorn Mix Treat (6)

Bagged them up in individual portions.

Popcorn Mix Treat (2)

Whipped up a fun bookmark to match of course!!

Popcorn Mix Treat (4)

And there was our fun last-minute bake sale treat.

Popcorn Mix Treat (3)

Product links: Candy Melts, Bags and Sixlets (I bought the pastel ones in our local Walmart). 

Have you made any fun treats lately?

What else do you put in your popcorn mix?

What’s the strangest thing you add to popcorn?


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