Pool Ready & Deck Paint

Well perfect, I just typed up this post and lost the whole thing. (insert red face emoji with cuss words please). So much for periodic auto save.

This year I was quite surprised when we took off the tarp. Normally we have pretty clear water. This year it was green, slimy, nasty and gross. Probably from a combination of things. We were forced to use a new and different winterizing closing kit this past fall, the tarp loosened mid-winter and allowed leaves in to decompose and I couldn’t hold my corner of the tarp very well yanking it off and some of the top sludge went in.
Auto Draft

I was pretty nervous and disappointed since I’m not familiar in dealing with yucky water. We have been very lucky the last few years.  After googling, filtering, shocking, vacuuming and repeating for a week or two….. Ta-Dah !!!  Clean, clear water !!  I just added the salt and got the levels perfect. Now we just wait for it to make the right level of chlorine, then I’ll be putting the solar cover on. Then it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be swimming.
Pool & Deck Paint (2)

Do you remember the deck we built last year or whenever it was? We planned on painting it all along but we had to wait for the wood to dry out. So I’ve been working on that. Had a few rain days in there that slowed me up but it’s getting there.
Pool & Deck Paint (3)

The white is now done (since taking this picture). Just have to buy some gray for the side boards. We are leaving the floor boards since they will get so much use and salt water sitting on it, we aren’t sure how well it would hold up. So the floor and steps will stay natural wood.
Pool & Deck Paint (4)

I am so thankful we built this deck before the wood prices have went so high recently. I hope all of your spring projects are going well.

How are things going opening your pool this year if you have one?

Any other fun yard, porch or deck projects your working on?

Or better yet, do you have a garden your getting ready?


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