Pizza Experimenting

I’ve been wanting one of those pizza ovens for a while now, but we don’t have a great spot for it. To get a good brick one is very pricey, and it takes so long to heat up to cook a pizza for 90 seconds. Maybe one day when we are retired and have a permanent spot for it. I have researched other types of them but was still looking at the portable wood pellet or wood burning ones.  Then one day I was at a local overstock store and saw a lower end gas powered one. She had a decent price on it, so I quick snagged it. Figured it would be a great starter oven to see if we liked them in general or not. It is the Pizzacraft PizzaQue Portable Pizza Oven 6500.
Pizza Experimenting

Been spending a lot of time perfecting the dough. It’s amazing how different the dough cooks in those. We think we finally found the one we like best. Even though the temperature and weather can still affect it every time.
Pizza Oven 01

I tried the cold proof method but had some trouble with it. Even though it’s more work to get the dough ready a few hours before we are ready, it seems to turn out the best. I’m amazed at how finicky dough can be sometimes. We have tried some store bought dough in the deli section, ready to roll out. It was okay. The homemade dough is much better.
Pizza Oven 03

I didn’t intend on taking photos of this process yet because it’s so messy and things move so quickly when I’m making them, I just can’t seem to get pictures. So these are really quick cell phones pictures to give you an idea of our new pizza making toy.
Pizza Oven 04

Slide that puppy in when it’s around 800 degrees.
Pizza Oven 05

Puffs up nicely.
Pizza Oven 06

It only takes a couple of minutes to cook. Not as quick as the fancy brick wood burning ones but still only about 3 minutes maybe.
Pizza Oven 07

On this one you have to pull it out and spin in for even cooking. There is a different stone insert option that spins. So you don’t need to pull it out to spin the pizza. The stone has notches on the edge so all you have to do is spin it with a little metal poker.

Pizza Oven 08

Here’s the end result. They are so good! (Most of the time). We’ve had some trial and error to get them right, but we think we have them right where we like them.
Pizza Oven 10

We are so glad we jumped on the deal we got. The gas is really nice. It just takes about 15 minutes to heat up. It’s pretty convenient for impatient people like us that don’t have a lot of time. This unit is also very portable if you want to move it from spot to spot, take it camping or tailgating or wherever.

Have you used a pizza oven? Which one? Did you love it?

What is your favorite pizza?

Any suggestions for us since we are new at this?


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