Pitch A Pony and Tiny Frogs

This past weekend we went to a fundraiser for the place my daughter takes horse lessons at. They had a many things to do and participate in. Silent auctions, a 90 minutes horse play drawing, face painting, paint a horse and you could read to their miniature pony and receive a book and this one thing called Pitch a Pony. It was so much for a ticket for a chance at 3 big prizes. (A big screen TV, $250 cash, or a stay at Great Wolf Lodge). You get a pony for every ticket you bought, the # on your ticket matches the # on your pony. The kids all throw them towards that yellow stick in the middle of the horse arena. They measure the closest 3 and they are the winners. We were not a winner of those, but we did come home with 2 Silent Auction prizes. A Norwex Car Wash Set and a Movie Theater bundle.
Pitch A Pony and Tiny Frogs

Then…..all the kids get to pick them up !!
Fundraiser (3)

And while we were standing around there, we saw all these little tiny frogs (or toads). One landing on Ashlyn’s shoe. haha. I remember being at the zoo a few years ago, they were catching these and releasing them into a safe environment to continue growing.
Baby Frog

Hope your having a fabulous day.

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