Pipe Leak

Back during all the updates to the house, we did have one problem arise.

While walking into our closet one morning, I stepped on to some very soggy, wet carpet. After clearing out all the floor items and investigating further, we determined we had a pipe leak under the concrete slab foundation somewhere. Hoping like heck that it wasn’t going to turn in to a major ordeal since our plan to do floors isn’t for a few more years.
Pipe Leak (1)

It was recommended we contact our fire department for the use of their infrared leak detection tool. It was far cheaper than busting up the floor when we weren’t sure exactly where it was. Prior to doing that, Jamie was messing around in our small furnace room where you shut the water off. When you turned the water on, you could hear it spraying under the concrete. Which meant it wasn’t too far from this area. After breaking several of his tools, we decided to rent a jackhammer. HOLY SMOKES did this thing make the job easier. Well worth the rental fee.

Pipe Leak (2)

After digging a ways, the leak was discovered. The reason for the leak was because the numbskulls who built this house did not put that foam pipe protection stuff all the way down on the pipes. They stopped shortly after the concrete started. After finding out how cheap that stuff is, it’s beyond us why it wasn’t place all throughout the pipes under the concrete slab. Well, it’s on there now as far down as we dug anyway.

Pipe Leak (3)

So the pipe was repaired. We waited several days to make sure it was holding. We still didn’t fill the hole just in case. We just have a piece of plywood over it for now.

Pipe Leak (4)

It took a very long time for everything to finally dry up. That leak went far !!

Pipe Leak (5)

So that was not a fun project to toss in the middle of our others, but it could have been far worse. We are thankful this was all it was.

Hope you all are having a good day. I hope to be back soon with a vacation post.


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