Pie, Strawberries and Stromboli

Hello Friends! Got a little food for you today.

I’ve got to start with strawberries. Those that know me know that I can consume a large amount of strawberries when they are really good flavorful ones. Let me tell you, right now Aldi’s has had some of the best strawberries. They haven’t lasted long around here. I haven’t even been making anything with them. Just straight up eating them.

Pie, Strawberries and Stromboli

This is from awhile ago. A few months ago, Jamie wanted something butterscotchy. I’m not a huge fan of butterscotch and I’ve really never made those pudding filled pies. So I thought I’d give it a shot. It was way easier than I expected and since it’s mixed with cool whip, the butterscotch was light enough I liked it too.

I used a store bought graham cracker crust. Made the instant butterscotch pudding. Spead half of the pudding in the bottom of the crust. Mixed the other half of pudding with 3/4 of the cool whip. Spead that in there. Then put the remainder of the cool whip on top using a fancy icing tip for swirly affects. Topped it off with some crushed walnuts. Chilled for a few hours.

Butterscotch Pie

This was awhile ago too. I didn’t really plan on it being so good, which is why I didn’t take much care in taking good photos. But it turned out super good!! I’ll take better photo’s next time.

The dough is a homemade pizza dough. Split in two. I didn’t get a photo, but roll each piece out in a thin rectangle. Like you would for cinnamon rolls. I then layered everything on the whole rectangle, leaving a little room around the edge to seal it up. First, pepperoni, then salami, then thin sliced ham and lastly sliced mozzarella.

Stomboli (1)

I rolled them up, brushed an egg wash mix at the seam and sealed it up. Cut slits to vent. Brushed remaining egg wash on the top. Sprinkled it with parmesan, garlic and italian seasoning. Baked at 400 for about 20-25 minutes.

Stomboli (2)

Dipped it in Classico pizza sauce. That’s our favorite store bought jar pizza sauce.

Stomboli (3)

It was so so very good!!!

Stomboli (4)

Will for sure be in our routine of suppers from now on. Next time I might try it with a store-bought dough to save time and see how it turns out. Aldi’s has a pizza dough in their deli section that’s pretty good. It sure would be a time saver when you want stromboli and don’t have the time for homemade dough.

Stomboli (5)


What has been on your foody list lately?

Anything good for good easy suppers like this?

Do you like stromboli? Or have never tried it?


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