Pet Seat Cover – Review

This cover proved to be great pets and kids.

I thought this cover was a great idea when I first saw it. I’m so tired of covering the seats with a sheet or blanket to have them fall and move out of place.

dog seat cover 01
Straps: the straps easily hook onto the 4 headrests and adjusts as needed. I’ve used this in a Jeep Cherokee and a Dodge Dart, fits both vehicles great. 

dog seat cover 03
Seat Belt Slit: if you need the seat belts for your dog, adults or kids while this cover is in place, it has 2 slits to allow the seat belt to fasten. If you have a bench seat, there’s no way for the middle seat belt to come across the chest, it mainly works for the 2 outside seat belts. Which is fine in most cases since your dogs are back there anyway. 

dog seat cover 02
Zip: it has a zip that’s at the middle of the front seats to allow your dog to stay in the back, but peek through to the front. I prefer my dogs to stay all the back and down, so I liked keeping this zipped. Kept them from trying to put their front paws on my middle console and smooch (or block my view) while I’m trying to drive. 

dog seat cover 04
Hair: kept dog hair and dirty paws completely off my seat. I can see how you might get a very minimal amount at the edge of your seat while they are jumping to or from. But I lift mine in, so I had no hair or dirty paw marks at all on anything but the blue seat cover. 

dog seat cover 05
Quality: it seems to be made of very good quality. I don’t see how dog nails would poke through, it’s thick. And the straps seem thick and strong as well. My dog seemed to lay down most of the time, when he did stand, it didn’t seem to pull or tug at the straps on the head rests at all. 

dog seat cover 06
Sudden Stops (Crash Pad): if you don’t strap your dog in (I don’t) and you make a sudden brake (I do), they can go forward into the seat or down on the floorboard. With the cover in place, it prevented that. So it acts as a crash pad too.

dog seat cover 07
Kids: I did use this once for the kids while they had a snack in the car. Which worked great, you just can’t have the middle console flipped down to holds drinks and such. Depending on their age and snack, could be a little inconvenience.

dog seat cover 08

I’ve been very, very happy with the cover.

What do you use for your dogs in the car? This is way better than vacuuming those seats and floor boards.




  • Annaz Anna September 11, 2016 at 12:27 pm Reply

    My car is always a disaster! This would be amazing. I can't clean my car during the summer because it's too hot outside in Florida! This would be a lifesaver! my blog

  • Everyday Snapshot September 11, 2016 at 12:57 pm Reply

    Oh I love Florida, but I bet your summers are too hot to be cleaning the car every week. I have had this cover for about 6 months now and I still love it !! It's the best. It's held up great. It's still in perfect condition. I got it mainly for my 2 dogs but it's worked out great for messy kids & their snacks. I highly recommend it, it's been a huge lifesaver. And as long as you slide it out, you get no dog hair (or very little). I unhook the front and fold it down, then unhook the back, fold it down, then the hair/crumbs are 'sandwiched' in their, slide it out and shake it out in the yard. It's so quick and easy too. Have a great day.

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