Peanuts Movie

Took Ashlyn and a friend to see the new Peanuts Movie. What a great movie. They loved it. I loved it. All kids and adults laughed throughout the entire movie. 

Glam squad getting their nails ready for the movie.
Peanuts Movie (1)

And glitter tattoo’s.
Peanuts Movie (2)

Getting the wiggles out before leaving.
Peanuts Movie (3)

A little pizza.
Peanuts Movie (4)

Show time !!!
Peanuts Movie (5)

Breakfast with a green snake and handcuffs. Hmm.
Peanuts Movie (6)

A chilly but nice sunny day for the park.
Peanuts Movie (7)

Why is it after a sleepover, they are always so perky, and I’m always so tired?

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