Our New Toy

Here is our most recent purchase. An inexpensive old boat in excellent shape. We sold our camper a couple years ago but still love to go to our campground and fish. We’ve been keeping our eye out for a boat.
Our New Toy

We finally ran across the right one. It’s the perfect size since we won’t go real often but nice to have when we want it. We’ve done a few things to it like remove the seats and cover the bench seat with carpet, so we don’t burn our bottoms. We just did not like the seats. Much prefer the bench seat. We put in a fishing pole holder and little things like that.
Boat 03

We have a canal right by our house and we took it out for a test drive. To make sure the motor worked properly and that there were no leaks or problems before taking it somewhere farther away.
Boat 04

Everything seemed to check out great. No problems.
Boat 05

She has claimed the front seat as hers.
Boat 06

Next up, we both had driving lessons. That way everyone knows how to load, unload and drive the boat.
Boat 07

We learned the regular motor and trolling motor.
Boat 08

All went well for the first time out.
Boat 09

Boat 10

A few weeks later we went fishing at our favorite campground and it was so nice to go beyond the shore.
Boat 11

So pretty and peaceful. Never very many people out there.
Boat 12

No swimming allowed but you can kayak.
Boat 13

Only trolling motors are allowed here.
Boat 14

She caught a few.
Boat 15

Boat 16

He caught one.
Boat 17

I got zero. It actually was a really bad fishing day, but we had fun cruising the lake to check it out.
Boat 18

We don’t have a kayak, but I bet it would be excellent here.
Boat 19

Do you have a favorite fishing spot?

Favorite campground?

Favorite peaceful area?

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