Off to School

This site has only taken me about 2 years to start. Not too bad. Hey, I’ve been busy. The little Munchkin has started school and goes all day now. That sure has opened up more time for me to get work done. No more working really late hours after everyone else has gone to bed, or really early hours before anyone else gets up. Working during the day while not getting interrupted 47,000 for very typical things that a certain 5 years old needs, is going to take some getting used too. 

I’m making the most of every minute during the school day, and our evenings are….well….enjoyable! And happy! And less stressed!  By Golly Miss Molly I think this is what a normal life is! 

And here I thought I would be all sad and weepy when she started going all day. Hell no ! I’m ecstatic, this is great! I mean that in the most respectful way of  course. 

I thought I would start this new site off with all this material already done. I had how to’s, video’s and all kinds of things planned out. But the more I planned, the longer it took me to actually sit down and just do it.

So here we are. Just me and you kid. With a title, 1 post, and zippo content to start with, just lots of blank space. And I’m okay with that. That’s just simply how I’m going to roll these days. Bare with me while I slowly create pages and go through the settings to make the site more attractive over time. 


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